Finishing up my stereo rack set up and trying to decide what stereo effects to use.

Ive already got a stereo chorus into a stereo delay in the effects loop, do you guys use anything else in stereo like tremelo or phasers?
I'm assuming you have 2+ speakers?

Tremolos and Phasers... it would depend whether you prefer them in the effects loop normally or not.
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I'm assuming you have 2+ speakers?

I have 2 rectifier 4x12's, the problem really is that i want to run a red witch empress chorus which only has 1 input so must be the start of the stereo chain, then im running to a nova delay with stereo inputs, the problem is other tremelo and phaser pedals ive looked at only have 1 input....
I gave up on stereo years ago once I realised that most PA's are set up to run in mono so everybody in the room gets a balanced mix. If you run them in stereo the only people that get a proper mix are those right in the middle, everybody else gets an incomplete mix.
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