To Ultimate Guitar,

Recently I've notice many tabs have been taken down. I find so many have been taken down that sometimes you search for a song and all the tabs for that song are now gone.


Currently how your system works is all tabs that have ever been uploaded seem to populate the list when you search for one. This is a pain for the users of this site because if the tab has been taken down then the only way to find out is to click on it and see this message:

The material that was posted to this page was removed from the site. Ultimate Guitar received a takedown notice from the copyright owner claiming that the user submission was an infringement of their rights. In compliance with the Digital Millennium Copyright Act we have removed the submission as requested by the owners.

The Digital Millennium Copyright Act gives the person who posted the material the right to file a counter notice to dispute the removal of the material. If you posted the material and you believe the identification of the material as infringing was incorrect and that your submitted material should be reinstated then you must submit a formal counter notification with the information set forth here

And furthermore, the first time I encountered this message I just saw a big blob of text and spent a couple minutes looking for the download link. Then I switched tabs thinking it was on a timer or something. Only later I finally read it and saw the takedown message.


There seems to be a couple ways to deal with this issue. I thought the easiest thing for the site owners for now would be to load some kind of image or large text saying "THIS TAB HAS BEEN TAKEN DOWN" then have the long message below it after you click on a tab link. This would at least help people who haven't encountered the message yet.

In addition to that I thought maybe the taken down tabs should no longer populate search lists. I posted about this subject in the tab talk forum and a user responded with this suggestion as well:

Quote by linkno1

I agree with this though I think they should still appear in the search, they should be noticeably altered so that I know they have been taken down before I click on them. This way if I ever search for something that has been taken down I know it has and know not to bother tabbing it myself and trying to upload it. I don't write tabs but yano, I'm sure it would save others the same effort.

I don't mean anything special when I say "noticeably altered", they could just put it in the column that says what type of format the tabs are (I.E Tab, Bass, Drums, Guitar pro, Power tab)

Doing this would also be an acceptable solution. The bottom line is I just think it would be more convenient to users to warn people beforehand of the tab being taken down or at least make the message already in place more noticeable.

Great site otherwise though! I've been using this since ive picked up a guitar about 8 years ago.
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I second this... why leave the entry up on the site for a tab that effectively no longer exists? That's just poor management....
yeah i agree.
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Taking down tabs is often done in different legal jurisdictions. It'll probably be a shitload of work to do custom search filters based on ip location, rather than a simple redirect on a few tabs. Might be wrong though.

you are absolutely correct. in most cases tabs being taken down just for one or several territories, not all of them.