So, I've been a drummer my entire life. I've always wanted to learn to play guitar, but have never gotten the time, especially since I lack patience. Drumming came naturally to me, so I stuck with it. Recently, I've decided to expand my musical palate, and want to pick up a guitar. I know very little about the guitar; I know the strings, and how to read sheet music. And that's about it. I'm looking for a good quality guitar, that falls in my price range, maxing out at about $600. I may sound stupid, as I see some very expensive guitars. But once again, I know very little about playing guitars, as well as the types, what's good quality and what isn't, etc. So some informative answers would be very much appreciated. Any advice? Thanks! (P.S., I'm brand new to this forum, so sorry if this doesn't belong here!).
Once u fill in the form we should be able to help. What I will say atm is stay away from anything B.C Rich, can be tempting for new guitarists because some of them look great but in my experience they are very poor quality.
What sound are you going for? Do you have a separate budget for an amp?