Need some advice. I play blues/blues rock through a nos fender blues junior. I have a standard sg and a fender strat. I currently have a wah, mosfet od, delay, ditto looper on my chain. I would like to add a compression pedal and a chorus pedal to get some trower, gilmore, hendrix sounds etc. However, I am not sure what compression pedal would work well with both my sg and strat without having to buy 2. do i even need a compression pedal with my sg? Any advice on chain set up, comp pedals, etc would be greatly appreciated,
It depends what you want your compression to do. But you certainly will want either two different pedals for the two different guitars, or you'll need to remember what settings to use for each and change the pedal's knobs when you switch guitars. The dynamics, let alone output, of the two guitars are so different that any pedal that effects such dynamics—compressor, EQ, whatever—will react differently to each.

Same goes for where you stick it in your chain. There's no golden rule. Putting a compressor first in your effects chain will produce one effect, putting it in the middle or last will produce another and sticking it in the amp's effects loop is a third style of tone.

So, it's impossible to say exactly what you should do unless you can describe exactly the effect you want to achieve. "Trower, gilmore, hendrix sounds" doesn't tell us much because A) none of them use(d) compression all that much and B) they've already used a wide variety of tones.
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