Been using Ernie ball super slinkys forawhile now but i find them to fat so you have to press down harder and i dont care for that. What would be some recommendations?
Persoanlly I go for D'addario strings.
I use the ones that are designed for Drop C and find them smooth and long-lasting.

I dunno what their thinner strings are like but I'd bet they're a good call.
I'm using D'addario 10s right now. They were really springy when I first put them on, now they're pretty good. Not sure if it's my setup or what, but they go out of tune a bit more than slinkys, not too much to where it's a problem though.
Anytthing from iron maiden to death metal. drop d is the lowest i go on a rare occasion drop c

but mainly im looking for standard tuning so my fingers arnt getting tired
Why don't you just get a lighter gauge?
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Why don't you just get a lighter gauge?


Could name a whole bunch of string brands and none of it would mean anything to you without you just trying. I like D'addario, others like different brands, it's about as personal as choosing your favourite beer, it's all good and everyone likes something different.

Seems like you may benefit from simply changing the string guage to something lighter, as suggested above. Normal guage for Standard tuning is 9-42, though many people will up that to 10-46 or higher. For playing drop C i'd say the minimum you want is probably an 11-49, but those would feel very heavy in standard tuning.
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Maybe.....anything but Ernie Ball?


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