Appreciated... nothing great in terms of quality of composition, but I'm trying to integrate some 'acrobatics' of sorts to challenge my playing. I responded to your comment. Also, great tones in your songs... let me know what gear you're using.
Thanks man... guitar rig and sometimes amplitube. Regarding the too long part, try cram the good parts into 3 minutes. But so far your writing sounds purely instrumental (to an extent) so its ok to be long. Pink Floyd does make people think they write short songs and Opeth really makes one think our songs are way too short. But there is a trick to this... when you do write a long song after writing many short songs, your general theme building skills go into overdrive and you have a lot of fun. Personally I write more in verse chorus bridge final chorus format because its challenging to write something good/catchy in a limited timeframe. But for 3 years into your journey, I'd say you're doing very well.
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