I'm planning on making a completely custom headstock for a guitar project. I have NO idea how to do this though. I understand how to make a template of what I want for one. The problem I'm having is how to measure the tuning pegs and how to make them even and what not. I'm sure you can't just throw them anywhere. Making sure the strings reach, making sure they align along the whole neck, stuff like that.

Please keep in mind that this project IS my first and spending money on it doesn't bother me. I am on a budget but even if this turns out bad I don't mind.

If someone can point me to a good video or tutorial on how to make sure your tuning pegs are in the right spot and the dimensions your headstock should be, that would be great.

I am going to probably use a blank square paddle to start off with and go from there. The shape will ultimately be close to a les paul type shape with a few extra cuts for this:

The top of the headstock i would like to shape into all 4 horns with the 2 tiny horns bringing the sides back out to the tuning pegs and sides of the headstock. The rest of the image will probably just be painted on to it. Might exclude the hands as well.

EDIT: The pentagram will not be included.

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Just look for a Les Paul headstock template that you can print out, or some plans with the dimensions on it. If you're basically going to be using a Les Paul shape, then you may as well use the same tuner placement.