So we're caught on the question of DIY vs focusing on trying to get to an indie label. Everyone says that if you do a big DIY push then it can scare away labels...I'm very proud of the songs we have (a full album worth) and have a lot of faith in them, but I'm not sure if we have the resources to do everything with it I'd like to. I'm just worried doing too much on one path will alienate the other and potentially stop my music from achieving all it could. It's stressful dealing with my songs that I have a lot of faith in, because I just want to do the right thing with them. The pressure is coming down on me a bit.
Is it better to just focus on the highlight album tracks? Or release the album and focus on DIY approach with labels on the side.
I'm just trying to figure out what to do. Any help is appreciated, so thanks in advance. This forum has been a useful resource to me for a while. Thanks much.
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IMO it wouldn't hurt to do one or two songs DIY if it is in your means to test it out. If you like the sound do record the rest, if not show the songs to a couple of labels to show off what you are capable of.
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If you want to show the labels what youre capable of, show them how much money the band is making.

The quality of the product comes second to the demand for it. How many fans are buying tix to your shows? Merch sold? Reviews? Radio coverage?

A record deal is basically a loan. I give you $50, 000 to make an album. I do this because I want to make money, I dont want to lose this cash. So before I give you $50, 000, I want proof that your band is already making money so that I am garunteed at least some return on my investment. If your band makes nothing, whilst another band is making $$$, Im going to invest in the one that is already making $$$.

The way being signed to a label is being considered by you guys kinda indicates that you think its really easy to get signed. Its not. Youre in one of the most competitive markets in the world, and its shrinking on a professional money making level.
And no, Guitar Hero will not help. Even on expert. Really.
Being a successful DIY band is what leads to a label. It shows you can put in the work and get results.
the label comes along the way. all a label does is give you a helping hand - think of them like investors and advertisers for your brand and product. if you don't have a brand and product that will get them their time and money worth, they have no reason to do all the work for you without robbing you of creative freedom.
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