When writing music I am able to create a crescendo, adding more and more layers and creating a nice build up. Now I'm stumped of how to end it, the release part. This kind of stuff is very common in post-rock music, however I have no clue how to tab it out.

Here's an attached example of this (in guitarpro5), I wrote this part as an outro to one of my songs. I ended it by fading out, but what if I wanted to continue the music after this point?

(Also if anyone knows tabs that do this kind of release please tell me )
you don't. you just keep getting louder until the song commits sudoku
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until it plays sudoku wat

He meant sepuku (sp.?), I think, which is Japanese ritual suicide.

Anyway, just have it build to a dramatic chord, let it hang for a bit and then move on.
The proper way to finish the crescendo is to aim it at her face. There are a few other ways but this is the classic.

...modes and scales are still useless.

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End with a dramatic decrease in volume and end on the tonic?
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just release inside of her dude

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