So, I have Pro Tools SE and I'm trying to set up my Apex 830 microphone to it. I'm using the chord that came with the mic to set it up but I can't figure out how. Do I plug the cord into the guitar input and mess around with the settings or something?

Here's Pro Tools:

Here's mic:

Here's cord that comes with mic:

What do I have to do to get the microphone working with Pro Tools? I know there is a way because I have a music friend that told me to get the mic and it should work, but they're away and I have no way of contacting them till next week. If I do have to go out and buy something, it will have to be some what cheap, like under 20$ at the most. I would really like to not buy something else but if i really have to, then I would.

Thanks in advance!
Go buy an XLR cable from your local music shop. The cord you have is the wrong one. Don't plug it into the guitar input as its obviously designed for guitar and will distort the signal.
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Do you have a soundcard/audio interface? Because you'll need one to get pro tools to work.

I think with pro tools you can't route the inputs+outs with just any soundcard it has to be compatible with Pro tools. For example the Digidesign M box
No that's fine, you need a passive DI to change the impedance.
Over time if you plug a microphone out > line-in you'll break it, bro.

Signal flow
Your mic > your lead > PASSIVE DI > ts lead (guitar lead) > your interface.
lockwolf, GonzoBeatz, and roaraudio are wrong and I wouldn't follow their suggestions
(EDIT: well lockwolf isn't wrong per say, but inaccurate.)

You can use that cable, but it is an unbalanced cable which will produce noise. The reason you aren't getting any signal in PT when you plug into the guitar input is because that input is set at a different impedance from your microphone, which is normal and expected. The simple fix is to get a regular XLR and use the mic pre on your mbox mini. If you do what roaraudio suggested, you would be taking the mic down even further in impedance than before, which will sound like total shit. Also pluging a mic into a line-in may not break it, at least dynamic mics, condensers and ribbons are another story.

TLDR; use a regular mic cable and the pre-amp built into the Mbox Mini and you're golden
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not wrong at all.
Mic in/out has a difference impedance. It needs a positive, negative and ground. XLR. Balanced.
Line/instrument in/out has a difference impedance. It's balanced and only requires a positive.
Do you understand, Arch1119, that a passive DI can be used both ways?
just go buy a mic lead what $10- 20 tops ? simple

if you what to get all technical the above covers that,.

But in real terms what you record using guitar port will sound alittle different & volume level will be different, I think what ever you record today you will want to "re-record" when you get a Proper mic lead.