I feel like you should multi-track your instruments/voice if you don't already cause I had to turn up my volume a good bit to hear at a decent level and even then it doesn't really sound too full. Lyrics seemed pretty standard throughout, same with most things in the song. I agree with the guy in the soundcloud comments about turning the bass up, i can't even hear it. Your playing seemed pretty tight which is a good thing.
Don't have too much to say, it just seems like the standard you'd find for singer-song writer things in the mainstream.

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Very Nice
Like said, volume in kinda low, also, turn up the bass and eq it better so it will be punchier with more low end.
Vocals is missing compression and reverb. (and when the drums come in also volume)
Drums are nice but kinda loud for this type of song (imo)
Lead guitar can use a little delay/reverb for sure. maybe more gain
Love the acoustic playing and tone.

Please check out my new demo and critique (mixing and song)