Is there a way to get rid of a minor dent in my Yamaha acoustic guitar? I tripped on the stairs today and accidentally marked the guitar. Help would be much appreciated! Thanks in advance (:
Depends on the severity of the dent, if it's a little dent, a nice layer of wax over your guitar can mask it so it's barely noticeable. If it's a thick dent and it's clearly noticeable, you can attempt either pushing it back in (if it's a very thin wood), or you can try some cosmetic surgery on your guitar. Sand down the area until it's smooth, if the colour of the sanded area does not match the rest of the guitar, then sand down everything else, and refinish the guitar with whatever strainer you want (i personally do not recommend varnish, if you ever have to do touch ups, you will always have to refinish, because if you touch up varnish you will have bubbles coming out of the original finish).

The cosmetic surgery i only recommend if you think the guitar is worth the fix, and if you have a little experience in wood. If you don't want to take the time, go to a shop; or leave it, after all, dents add character.

I'd leave it. An axe without a few battle scars is just a case-queen. i'm thinkin' any attempt at repairs is gonna make it look worse unless you bring it to a GOOD luthier and pay the cost of the guitar to have it repaired.