What I first want to say is that when I listen to Prog Metal, I want to be surprised. By that, I don't mean that I want things to make very little structural sense, I believe that great prog metal bands can make fantastic music and add in those little parts that throw the listener off, great examples of this sort of thing is, say, Alley Cat by Seventh Wonder, where little riffs and licks are added into the song to catch you off guard, there's also The Words Unspoken by Andromeda that treats the listener to an unexpected keyboard/guitar interlude after the first chorus. I feel that with your piece, it had the sound of prog metal, if you take it on face value, it sounds proggy, however, it was very repetitive, the main riff could work as an interlude, I could see the variations coming from a mile off, the rhythms didn't throw me, or even excite me, I'm afraid, so it lost the impact that Prog Metal usually has. I get the feeling here that it's a prog aesthetic over what is fundamentally a metalcore song, that style is very popular with bands like Periphery. If you wanted to make a song in Periphery's genre, disregard my feedback, it's served its purpose, however, as a piece in the same genre as Dream Theater, Seventh Wonder, Andromeda, for me, it just doesn't stand up for me, though I applaud your efforts and I'm looking forward to hearing a full song from you.
yeah, i felt like calling it prog metal was a bit of a stretch, didn't know what else to label it as, definitely periphery influenced.

i would disagree with your definition of progressive metal though. not saying the bands you listed aren't progressive metal (although it could be said that at first listen one might mistake seventh wonder for progressive rock with metal influences and andromeda for power metal with progressive influences) but i would argue that in terms of unconventional technique and scale patterns used it would (despite the generic 'core' structure) be filed under progressive hardcore with metal influences, which probably suits me just fine.

i didnt set out to write a prog metal song, i was playing around and came up with the first riff, and kind of went off on a theme and variations and explored what i could do with the riff, and that was it. it was a fun song to write, and a fun experiment with exploring complex tapping patterns, so no regrets here.

this was just one of a few songs i wrote at the time, i guess with the intention of composing a concept album or something like that, but the project kind of tanked. i decided i wanted to share this track, because i liked it, and thought it was neat, and wanted to share it.

thanks for the feedback, though. i get what your saying about prog metal, and about how my songs riffs lack contrast, and that no matter how flashy or impressive the tapping riffs are, its going to be boring for progheads because it all sounds the same. and its not br00tz enough for the core audience.

here's another song, probably still not progressive metal, the drums aren't finished. it was supposed to precede the previous song in the original arrangement.

would like to hear what people think.
mvt 2 - breathing down my neck.gp5
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That's fair enough, in that case, it did what was intended, I'd agree with progressive hardcore, of course, it's just a case of us both seeing progressive metal and thinking different things, it's very clear your style of composition isn't what I'd expect progressive metal to sound like, however you've definitely got some interesting ideas, I'll keep a look out for your stuff in future!
??? How can anyone miss the progness in this song?

Sounds like an updated version of a King Crimson song, or like a 'part 2'.


Not bad, but nothing I'd listen to repeatedly, or even occasionally.

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