Well... I had nothing to do this night and what better way to spend my time than recording some trippy psychedelic rock? It's aimless (there is no structure) but your comments will be important to me as I'm not a guitarist but a keyboardist and play guitar just for fun so I'd like to hear what you think about my "skills", lol! Thanks in advance. And of course, C4C!

Wow this is my type of jam, very errie sounding like your in a cave. I've noticed you can almost boil down the 'types' of psychedelic songs to match a specific environment, like desert rock for a desert, other types would sound like your in the bottom of the ocean. However out of the three your track is like a dark cave leading to hell. Pretty interesting how you were able to match that sound pretty well, seriously, nice job on that. Maybe just one really good hook to throw in at least twice thats just a bit more upbeat to add variety which alot of stoner jams can lack. However yours could easily include one if you had it in mind. Damn it gets pretty creepy but deep around 7:43.

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