Good mix, the kick could use a little more lows though. I like the downsampling at the break, but it sounds a little cheesy. Maybe ease back on the downsample rate maybe or add in a beat delay? Also, more vocal layers wouldn't hurt.
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Like the guy above me said, kick could do with a lil more punch on the lower part of the spectrum. I actually remember giving you feedback on the little end bit since you did that a while ago, I even downloaded it haha. Yeah vocal layers could be good, a good tip I use is to add a vocal editor with the vocals, and drop it by a semitone or so and mix it in to your taste, i find it helps thicken the vocals.
Love the riffs, and the mixing was good, but feel as if everything could be beefed up a lil, depending on whether you want it to sound liek that.

comment on my track? i normally play the same sort of stuff as you, but I'm mixing other bands in my free time and this is their first single:
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Good mix!
As said, bass drum should be punchier on the low end.
And the downsampling at the break is a little bit too much.
I think that maybe more compression and reverb will sound nice on the vocals.
Try to set the "background elements" to more wet reverb signal and less dry signal, it will make them sit more "far" in the mix, and will make some room to the front part of the song.
Also, i felt like the whole mix is lacking a bit of clarity, and some instruments fight for their place in the mix with other, maybe because of same frequencies.

Please check out my new demo and critique (mixing and song)