Hi all
I'm having a slight problem trying to find a good guitar amp. I play in a 3 piece band that does everything from blues to punk, grunge and metal. We mostly do outdoor shows. My main problem is budget. I need something at about £350 max.
I was looking at the fender Frontman but there seems to be a wide variety of opinions as to it's suitability.
Any experience with the frontman or suggestions for better amps would be greatly appreciated so long as they can be sourced in the UK.
Thanks allot
I owned a FM half stack for a while... worst decision of my life. I do not recommend this amp. The distortion is fizzy and brittle, and the cleans are not thre greatest.

I recommed looking at Jet City amps, maybe the JCA22.

They're super cheap, all tube amps, with an amazing dirty tone. Good cleans, but they're not the greatest. This is a really dirty amp

I play in a 3 piece punk/pop/rock band, using a JCA50H. This amp is perfect for my tone. Lots of low end growl to make up for only one guitar. I also play a lot of blues/rock/hardrock on ym own time, and the JCA covers it all.

Like I said, not the best cleans, but I pearsonally love the way that the cleans breakup.

If you're interested, PM me and I can send you some songs that I've recorded with the JCA50H, and the 20H.

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Look for a used:
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I'm not sure if it would handle all the requirements of your outdoors gigs but the orange micro terror is my latest cheap gigging amp, but its only a head. So you would need to buy a cheap cabinet also
Once again, you really need to define "metal".
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Anybody doing outdoor gigs that knows what they are doing will mike everything up through the PA anyway. You don't try to do it exclusively off the amps at an outdoor gig, you have to put something through the PA bins. It's not like playing a room.
The JCA50 is a fine suggestion as are the ones Rob said.
An Orange Dual Terror would be cool. Any of the full tube terrors really. Maybe used? I don't know anything about prices there. You gotta try a proper Orange to know. They're a love/hate sorta thing. You gotta plug into one and crank it up yourself.

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Once again, you really need to define "metal".
Very true.
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The only issue with the JCA50 is that all the jet city stuff is seriously low in supply in europe

Although... You're in luck...

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+1 on the jet city suggestion- thomann's selling them really cheap at the moment. you can get the 50 watt head for under £250. if you can stretch that budget even slightly, you can get a decent cab with it, too (the harley benton g212vintage with v30 speakers). If you can't, you should still be able to get a usable plywood cab for around £100 on thomann- though that's a much more expensive way to do it if you do plan on eventually swapping speakers. Granted, I think i prefer eminence v12s to v30s with the jet city, which pretty much means you have to upgrade the speakers anyway, so...
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Find a way to get the money for a good amp. You'll never regret it.
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