First of all, bear with me, I'm not a drummer, but I write drum lines for the music I compose on Guitar Pro. Now, its my understanding that you're typical closed hi-hat sound involves holding the cymbals closed with your left foot and hitting the cymbals with a drumstick. It is also possible to make pedal hi-hat sounds (just the pedal) and open hi-hat sounds (just drumstick).

I'm aware that devices such as drop clutches exist for freeing your foot for when using a double pedal bass. However, are there any devices that free your hand for this sound? maybe by stiffening the top cymbal so you can just use the pedal...

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Well the pedal hihat sound isn't really anywhere near as loud as the closed stick sound. If you had an electronic kit though, I'm sure you could program it in.

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What are you trying to accomplish?
If it's just for time keeping, a pedal hi-hat still sounds good for that. Many drummers do that, and it sounds good.
If you want to be able to get the closed hi-hat sound at the same time as an open hi-hat sound, you can always get an x-hat mount with another hi-hat that is mounted slightly opened.
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