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What it do, Pit. I can't believe I just said that.

There's likely been a thread like this before, I didn't bother searchbarring.

Does anyone listen to Asian music? Like I've heard some Japanese rock-pop type stuff on anime, and obviously we've all heard Gangnam Style. But I've always thought it was really catchy, and now I find myself trying to find some really good artists and have no clue where to start.

So citizens of the pit, please grace me with your knowledge of K pop/J pop/whatevah
J-Pop always seemed like a running joke that I never got.
Try Chinese Pop music (she's quite popular becomes of her former band that she was in - she's actually half Russian, half Chinese but grew up in Taiwan) - You might know JerryC (the Chinese guy who famed CanonRock). Although he didn't write this song he does often compose for other artists and Hebe is one whom he's worked with plenty of times.
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It's really amazing.
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K Pop? J Pop? More like Gay Pop.
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when did chinks get the technology to make music?

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Somehow, I think, the absence of really do-able Japanese girls makes it less hetero acceptable.
You may be on to something.

Have a dope-ass tune sung by three women to make up for it:

****in' dramatic is what it is
I can say at the very least that most asian pop is better than US/UK pop. So, you know, stamp on the toe better than a kick in the teeth. East, South, North or West; underground & alternative is always better.
Listen to Hikaru Utada's english and japonese albums, she's one of the more popular ones, and yeah the kingdom of hearts songs are good, but everyone knows those so look past those, just my recommendation
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No one's even posted The Convenience Store song. Weaklings, all of you.
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If it's a challenge you want, I assure you, victory shall be mine.

No one's even posted The Convenience Store song. Weaklings, all of you.

Step it up then, son.
J-pop is basically my guilty pleasure (along with Steely Dan).

Really big fan of Supercell, although they're actually good for the most part.
>asian pop
>good artists

yeah good luck with that
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I've heard about Toe a lot since they're signed to Topshelf Records, but I never bothered to check them out because I have an unnecessary aversion to feet.

But damn this song is good.

EDIT: might as well post the second JoJo OP, since the chorus is boss as ****
i like asian porn sometimes.

I absolutely can't stand 99% of boyband/ girlgroup dance pop. Kpop is just so excessively commercial and image focused (style over substance...) that I can't enjoy it most of the time. Chinese love ballads are also the bane of my existence... I'm Chinese but listening to all that generic sappy ballad stuff makes me sick!

I think of the Asian pop industry as like an even more shameless version of America pop... as in they don't hide anything about pandering for mass appeal, controlling the lives of their artists, or being blatantly commercial with artist promotion. I mean, American pop is basically the same thing, but these things seem a bit more transparent and maybe more honest with Asian pop companies.

I love Jrock and have a soft spot for SOME J/K/C pop though...

Brilliant Green- Ash Like Snow (Gundam 00 theme song, awesome catchy jpoprock song with some heavy guitars)

The Gazette- Remember the Urge (very popular jrock band... they can write hooks and riffs so catchy that it excuses the whole overly poppy metal thing)

2NE1- Hate You (This was my favorite song for about a year. srs.)

方大同 - 1234567 (a Chinese singersongwriter I actually like!)
That Uverworld song you posted was from gundam too wasnt it? They have a lot of ridiculously catchy vocal hooks and sick riffs that I can't help but love. I used to listen to them a lot last year.

I'm surprised there's so little attention and respect for J Rock in UG... there's a lot of sketchy cross dressing and flashy aesthetics that have to do with culture as well as pandering to fangirls, but man even the top 100 jpop hits have ****ing sick guitar riffs and leads.
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