First off, I had no idea what forum to post this in, so this one seemed appropriate.

I bought a Schecter Synyster Special about 7 or 8 months ago, and it was great when I first got it home and played it. Then, not knowing how to tune a Floyd Rose, I tuned it the wrong way and that seemed to cause a series of problems. At first, it wouldn't stay in tune (once I learned how), then some fret buzz happened, and now it's just terrible. I took it to my local shop, but they were no help.

The fret buzzing occurs on every string, but it's worse on certain strings. The high E string buzzes badly from the 12th fret to about the 17th fret. A-G strings have moderately bad buzzing in comparison to the high E. The B string is the absolute worse. It sounds like I'm holding a razor on the string while I play it. The low e string is about as bad as the A-G strings.

I have tried quite a few things. I restrung it, thinking that I may have just messed up the strings when I tuned it incorrectly the first time. But that didn't really help at all. I've tried raising the action, truss rod adjustment, different tunings, etc. There isn't really a certain dead note, they're all kinda bad, so I don't think it's faulty fret levels. I some how managed to get it to stay in tune a lot better, but the fret buzz is still completely there.

I'm rather new to the hardware and specs side of the guitar, as opposed to the playing side. So any of the things I've tried I may have done wrong, but I'm a quick learner. I'm happy to hear any suggestions. Here's the guitar's specs if it helps:

Construction: Set Neck w/ Ultra Access
Body: Mahogany
Neck: 3-pc Mahogany
Finger Board: Ebony
Frets: 24X Jumbo
Inlay: MOP Gothic Cross
Bindings: White
Tuners: Schecter
Pickups: Seymour Duncan Invaders SH-8
Electronics: Vol/Tone (tap)/3-way switch
Bridge: - Floyd Rose 1000 Series
Scale: 25.5"

If I can't figure anything out, I'm gonna take it back to my local shop and pray the manager is there. (He's a human genius)

Thanks for the help! (Sorry about the big post!)
What do you mean Floyd setup? And yeah I changed the strings, and I also adjusted the truss rod as well.
I did a little research on setting up a Floyd Rose, and it helped A LOT. The A string still buzzes a bit but I think it just may be a truss rod adjustment. So I'm gonna take it to the local shop and get a proper adjustment. (I don't trust mine)

Thanks a ton, it sounds much better now. :P
Is your floyd sitting level to the body? How is the intonation?
The floyd is level now, it was set rather far back. That fixed about 85% of the buzzing. Intonations fine as well. My guy at the local shop told me to cut the ends off the strings next time because he thinks the part that's wrapped around the end is what's causing the A string to buzz, so I'll try that as soon as I re-string that guitar.