I've played American and Mexican. I've heard Japanese are good. But where do Indonesian ones lie? The guitar in question is the Jim Adkins sig.
The Jim Adkins is decent IMO.
At least it's a very unique guitar.
Set neck Thinline Tele with Duncan P90s.

Play one, if you like it, get it.
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They're fine. You'll always get people telling you MIA/MIJ or nothing but I think they're decent value and well built.

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Play one, if you like it, get it.

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They're not bad, especially if you can snag one used. My thinking is that a lot of people bought up the JA90 and the Modern Player line and found the resale value to be a bit disappointing due to the skepticism of quality (since the MIM, comparably priced, has proven to be decent quality).

If you're looking for a semi hollow with P90's, check into a used PRS SE semi hollow with soapbars. May be tough to find, but they're great guitars.
You may also want to check out the Fender TC-90, its very similar to the guitar you mentioned. However they're not made anymore. But you can find them used if you look around a bit.
I would love to try it out but I've never seen one in person. The thing that confuses me is that Mexican, Japanese, and the cheaper American Fenders are in that same price range. Since I can't try one out in person, I would love to hear how they stand up quality-wise against Fenders from other places.
I have an Indonesian Fender spalted maple tele that is fabulous. In fact it is that very guitar that made it much easier to sell my Gibson Les Paul to buy my Taylor 614ce. Mahogany set neck with 15.75 I think radius is very Les Paul like for bends and stuff. Nice dark rosewook fretboard, jumbo frets and nice big dot markers made of abalone. Seymour Duncan 59's and Pearly Gates made me forget the pups that were on my Gibson. You can get a nice fat Billy Gibbons tone from the Pearly Gate. I love that you can slide your hand all the way up the fretboard with a nice comfortable heel that blends into the body. Excellent build quality and through strings make it sustain forever. I jonesed for a trem so I bought a Korean set neck strat that did not match up tonewise or in build quality to the Indonesian tele. I got mine used for 550 and to me it was a steal especially considering I paid 2k for my LP. I give it two thumbs up~! If you get the chance to play one plug it in to a nice tube amp and try not to smile.....its impossible.
forgot to mention that it has push/pull coil tapping ability that makes it very versatile.
I haven't looked at Indonesian Fenders, but I have been impressed by some of the Indonesian brands that have been popping up on my radar over the past year, like Swing and Radix. Looks like they're using decent woods, tuners, pickups and so forth, at least on their higher end/sig models.

I'd love to get an Exciter Gold- Swing's top-end Superstrat- but they're not available in the USA yet, and I can't exactly gamble @$750 on an import guitar right now.
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Can't vouch for Fenders, but I have an Indonesian LTD that I love. I've owned and played expensive guitars and I really lucked out with this thing. It's one of the best guitars I've ever played, and it sounds awesome after a pickup swap and it feels so good in my hands. It's an MH-100QMNT that I paid $130 for. I don't know why this thing is so good.