Could anybody make some good tabs for these classic play station 1 game

All songs for TNN Hardcore 4x4

(youtube . com) /watch?v=vkuhPPQRaLY&list=PLRtaAHG_k8HAlPre-jIePAiiLgnHtLHnp

And Nascar Racing

(youtube . com) /watch?v=mcRi2xVNCZQ&list=PLDE8714ACA5B2A811

And also Hard Truck 2

(youtube . com) /watch?v=1cePDXhQPY0&list=PL9AF6A330A322E839

Always wanted to be able to rockout to these songs I grew up with, just don't have the power to figure out how to play them, tabs and chords would be so helpful. Thanks
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(youtube . com)/watch?v=vkuhPPQRaLY&list=PLRtaAHG_k8HAlPre-jIePAiiLgnHtLHnp