OBBO Android SMS & Contacts Backup (Android v2.1-4.2)

OBBO Android SMS & Contacts Backup is the only smart andriod SMS & Contacts backup and managment software. It is an application designed for cellphones running android system. It allows you to transfer and backup your SMS messages & Contacts between android phone and desktop computer. I think all android users should own such a powerful android SMS & Contacts backup manager, because it is a rare good software.
?Backup and save all your android phone SMS & Contacts to computer.?View and edit exported text message on computer.
?Restore SMS & Contacts from computer to android phone.
?Phone Applications: Support android all versions, including the latest version 4.2.
?Desktop Tool: Support Win NT/XP/2003/Vista/Win 7 and of course, also include the latest Win 8 system.
?Can print the SMS & Contacts on computer.
?Desktop Tool can exported to a variety of formats, including .txt,.word,.excel,.csv etc.
?Restored, can choose whether to replace the source files on the phone.
?Support unlimited SMS backup & restore
?Fast backup and restore speed.
?Easy to use.

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Hmm you make a good case for using your stupid program instead of Google's built-in functionality for this.
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Might be spam, but actually interesting. That said, my current one works brilliantly, and does what I mostly need.
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