I already own a suhr riot and a vox wha wha
Now i want to buy a flash back or a spark booster ftom tc electronics
which do you thing is more improtant?
They are two completely different pedals by the same company.

What do you want more, a delay or a boost pedal? Neither is more important, it depends on what you would use more.
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I have a flashback and whilst it is a very nice pedal, probably so is the spark booster. The best one for you depends on what you want. Elaborate on your OP, TS
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ok i want both of them but i dont know which one to buy first

which one would you use more?
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I'd suggest the Flashback. Chances are you can change channels on your amp with a footswitch anyway, if the amp you have is decent enough. I have a Flashback, and it really adds flavour to solos and guitar licks. Does your amp have built-in reverb though? That's just as important as delay.
I own a Marshall DSL40c and I use only the clean channel because I prefer the suhr 's distortion ...