Let me apologize ahead of time for the pictures - the camera I used proved to be awful and so most of these are more washed out and misrepresentative than I would usually find acceptable.

All of these are for trade, and I'm open to guitars, amps, basses, etc. Brands I particularly like are Ibanez, ESP, Jackson, Parker, Music Man, PRS, Anderson, Suhr, Caparison, Mayones, Bernie Rico, Gibson, and Fender, but I am honestly open to whatever ideas you might have.

*PRS SE Custom 22

9/10 condition

Upgraded tuners (planetwaves - why these tuners aren't more popular, I couldn't tell you). Has a few marks, but nothing major or ugly - just typical stuff on a guitar with regular play... and, yes, it's missing the High E in pictures, because my camera's battery was almost dead before I could change it.

$400 or trades


*Schecter PT

9.7/10 condition

Not like any other Schecter I've played - this is just a badass Tele. Pickups are upgraded to Dimarzios (originals included in the case). There's a couple of light indentations, but it's otherwise like new (only a few months old).

$500 or trades


*LTD EC-1000 Deluxe

8/10 condition

Definitely a player, but nothing too bad - just general play wear, some chips, etc.

$500 or trades


*Agile Interceptor 727 Pro

7.5/10 condition

Handful of dings/chips, general play wear. Still looks good - the main problem is that the hinge on the battery compartment is broken.

$500 or trades


*Spector NS 2000 5 string

9.8/10 condition

No flaws, save for maybe light signs of handling.

$700 or trades


*Ibanez Prestige RG-1421f 10th Anniversary

9/10 condition

One of the better Prestiges I've owned - has a BKP Warpig in the bridge and the coolest planetwave locking tuners. It's not without flaws, but nothing major (just tiny dents and maybe one or two little dings).

$750 or trades


*LTD Hex-7

9.7/10 condition

Overall very clean - it has a few very tiny scuffs, and a little bit of glossing on the satin.

$850 or trades


*LTD Ben Savage 7

9.7/10 condition

Would be like new if it wasn't for a light scratch on the back above the strap pin. Otherwise, very clean. Has a Dimarzio cliplock strap installed.

$900 or trades


*Carvin Headless Holdsworth 1

9.9/10 condition

Pretty much like-new. Has some nice upgrade options from the standard model.

$1200 or trades


*Carvin DC-800

9.5/10 condition

Overall great condition - just one clear coat ding/chip near the input jack.

$1200 or trades


*Carvin DC-700

9.8/10 condition

No noticeable flaws, with the exception of maybe some very light play wear (swirls and what not).

$1200 or trades


*Valenti #032

9/10 condition

Good condition, with a few small dings and signs of play, but nothing major - still pretty clean over all. The pickguard is attached via double-side tape and can be removed without damage

$1400 or trades


*Ernie Ball Music Man JP7

9/10 condition

Would be extremely clean if FedEx hadn't tossed it from person to person - as a result, there is a paint chip on the headstock. It's actually not as bad as it looks, but it's there. The color is extremely rare (Teal Pearl) and collectible amongst Music Man lovers.

$1800 or trades


*Ernie Ball Music Man JPX-6

9.8/10 condition

Very clean - maybe one or two very shallow, hardly identifiable dents, but this is only a few months old. It's a 2012 model, so it has stainless steel frets.

$2200 or trades


*Mike Sherman Fanned Fret 7

9.5/10 condition

This is a prototype built by Mike and has one of be best 7 string necks you'll ever feel. Condition is solid other than a couple of dents near the input jack, and a couple of light clear coat spots (not sure how else to describe them, but they're pictured).

$2300 or trades


*Ernie Ball Music Man BFR JP6

9.7/10 condition

Would be mint, but there is a very tiny ding near the input jack on the bottom side. You have to look for it to find it. Amazing, top-tier guitar over all.

$2500 or trades


*ESP Stef B7

9.9/10 condition

Barely any evidence of this having been played at all. You might find some light signs of handling, since it's gloss black, but it's just about like-new. This is the version that was built in the Custom Shop and costs too much (not really - it's worth it), rather than the cheaper B7.

$2600 or trades


* Mayones Regius 25th Anniversary

9.7/10 condition

Only 10 of these were made, and they're virtually impossible to find anything out anout. The top is made of Eye Poplar and much more figured and interesting than the washed out pictures let on, and the color is a bit darker than the pictures show. One of my favorite guitars I've ever owned. This is only up because it was nearby when I took the other pictures. I'll only let go of it if I'm getting something I'll really like or if the price is right. The neck and look of this thing are absolutely breath-taking (in my opinion). The only flaws, aside from maybe the lightest swirling marks, are 3 or 4 1 or 2mm cracks above the side dots in the binding. From what I gather, these have been there from the factory and show no signs of them having gotten any worse. They're so minor that you probably won't find them, but I like to fully disclose everything.

$3700 or trades


Again, if you're interested, contact me via PM or e-mail: adamofangels@gmail.com