hello everybody can you please help. i cant decide if i should get line 6 pod hd pro for recording or get a proper amp such as a laney ironheart 15 with an orange ppc112.

budget:under $800 including delivery.

genres:metal and instrumental.

new or used: preferably new but i dont mind used.

home or gig: mostly home but i might start gigging.

closest city: pietermaritzburg, south africa.

current gear: schecter c-1 elite with Seymour Duncan jb in the bridge. but will be upgrading pups with bare knuckle war pig bridge and bare knuckle cold sweat neck.

As a proud owner of a hot rodded JCM 800, i always had issues with digi stuff, but a friend came around with the hd pro. This thing is absolutely worth every penny. Extremely versatile.
I would never leave my house without my Jim, but the pod is fun all the way!!! Also it has an
extremely good soun quality and comes very close to a tube amp!
This tube purist that i am, i tell you, go for it! it will make you happy!!

I dont own it, but sometimes got access.