Hey all I have a couple of questions about the Kramer Striker FR-422SM as im buying one online fairly soon and wont get a chance to try before I buy as no music stores near me stock them

1. Are the rumours true about the stock pickups being muddy?
2. Would you recommend this guitar or the Kramer Pacer Classic?
3. How does the neck feel overall and how thin is it?
4. Does the licensed floyd have good tuning stability?
5. Is this a good quality guitar overall?
6. Pros/Cons of this guitar
7. Is this guitar very bright sounding? (Due to the alder body and the maple fretboard and neck)

If anyone owns one of these guitars or has had experience with them what are your opinions of this guitar sound/feel/quality wise overall, thanks
1: yep
2: haven't tried the pacer classic, but i wouldn't really recommend the striker. i've never really got on with mine.
3: it's a pretty speedy neck. not quite as thin (or flat at the back) as an ibanez, but it's in that general ballpark. it has a pretty narrow nut width, too.
4: not bad, but it's a pretty clunky-feeling trem. while obviously going out of tune is a serious problem, having a double-locking trem which isn't any fun to do tricks on isn't much use either.
5: not great
6: pretty much covered that already, i think
7: nope (mine is the rosewood fretboard model, though), pretty much standard superstrat tonality.
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