Capable of doing more than one loop and is sturdy.
Cheap as in -£60 price range
I'm not sure what 60 pounds translates too, but the cheapest loopers out there that I am aware of are the new TC Electronics Ditto Looper which is like 130$ USD I believe and in August, Digitech is coming out with a Jam Man Express for 100$.
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Save up more and get a TC Electronic Ditto.
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Quote by souperman08
Save up more and get a TC Electronic Ditto.

Ditto on the Ditto.
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If by "more than one loop" you mean multiple independent synced loops, then you will be waiting a long time to find one at that price. Loopers in your price range (even used) only support overdub on a single loop.
Never heard of them, it is your money.

I would look for a used Digitech Jamman or the new Ditto personally.
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