My apologies if this simpleton topic violates any rule or has been asked a zillion times before.

But... would you reccommend to a beginner electric guitarist or advice against using amp modeling software (guitarix, etc.) instead of a real amp?

Of course I already have a laptop and some nice external speaker system, so I'd rather not get a real amp unless it's highly reccommended for some reason.

Note that I'm just a beginner. I won't be gigging or recording, just playing for myself.
i'd just get a small amp. you can get one that is decent for a beginner at $100.

do you already have an audio interface for plugging your guitar into your laptop? cuz one of those might already cost you $100.
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I'd just get an amp if I was you. Most have a headphone jack for quiet play, and it's important to understand how gain and feedback effect tone, which is something that a modeling program wont give you.
I started out with Guitar Rig, and I don't regret it at all. It isn't as cheap as a beginner's amp, but the range of tones you can craft with it inspired me to play guitar every day.

If you decide to go the amp route, a Yahama THR10 is one of the best "beginner" amps I have ever played through. If you want to keep it at about $100, I recommend a Roland Micro Cube.
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I would recommend a decent beginner amp over amp modeling software on a computer any day. (for a beginner, anyways) The main reason being, is that those computer speakers of yours are going to feel and sound nothing like a real guitar amp, even if it is a small amp. The gain and feedback thing is also important. You can get a small Peavey Vypyr or a Fender Mustang for cheap, and they will be much easier to use than guitar software. I also think that it is important that you aren't chained to a computer while you are playing. It's not nearly as enjoyable as being away from it, and you will be less distracted while playing.
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+1 on avoiding the software for practice...although with a decent interface they can sound amazing, its going to be interfering with learning IMO. Just go for a practice amp such as a mustang etc, I use POD Farm and although I can get some decent tones, its a major tweakfest!
Fender mustang. You can use it as a guitar interface for your computer as well.
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I don't recommend you to use pc software , it will sound nothing like a guitar . At least buy an multi-effects pedal , and plug it directly to your speakers or headphones . Buy a Digitech RP55 , it has really decent clean tones with all the effects you will ever need , and great metal/thrash tones , and it's just 50$ ! Great for begginers like you & me