Pearl Jam and Clapton come to mind, and Hendrix has some awesome acoustic tracks, although there was no Unplugged when he was around.

Edit: Also had to say Page&Plant Unledded. That was close enough to unplugged I think.
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not sure if it counts but for me it would be Nine inch nails still performance
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KISS, Alice in Chains, Nirvana, the Cure, and R.E.M. Depeche Mode has an acoustic version of Personal Jesus that I like.
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Personally, Alice in Chains is my favourite. UG users?

I assume you mean MTV Unplugged performance, and not just any random acoustic set, in which case the two that stand out the most to me are Eric Clapton, and Nirvana.

They are both incredible sets featuring entirely new arrangements. I think Nirvana is my favorite, while Clapton's is just as good, I just prefer to listen to Kurt's. The versions of Lake of Fire and Where Did You Sleep Last Night are bone-chilling.

Alice in Chains played a damn good show, but it feels a bit flat. Nothing was really changed from the studio arrangements, so it sounds like a slightly less quality sounding pseudo greatest hits album. That is with the exception of Over Now, which I feel steals the show.

Stone Temple Pilots also had a decent set. Of course I haven't heard every show so who knows.
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Nirvana too. And for Germans, the ones of Die Fantistischen Vier and Die Ärzte are very good too and quite original.
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Alice and Chains' unplugged should by far be considered one of the greatest live performances of all time

Also liked Stone Temple Pilots Unplugged. Speaking of which, was there ever an album released from that performance? I've searched far and wide for one, but it appears it doesn't exist