I'm looking for some constructive criticism on my cover of Wagon Wheel. My voice is in dire need of some practice so any advice is appreciated. I'm also using a cheap headset mic for my singing, IDK if that effects my pitch or not. I've sang through a PA system before and I didn't think as sounded quite as bad Like I said, any advise and constructive criticism is appreciated

Oh also, please listen enough to hear the break on 1:50. I realize its not a guitar break, but I'd still like some opinions on it. I just kinda through it together so I'm a little unsure about whether or not I should work with some more or leave it the way it is
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Hey Just Checked it out, the tone of your voice is good definitely good, just gotta practice so you stay in tune with the song, you are a little flat and sharp through out. The levels of the Acoustic and your voice are off you should mix that a little better so they sit well together. Also the banjo part was very out of time and didn't sound good, it could've but it was very messy both times you brought it in especially the second time. SO just more practice for your vocal intonation, perhaps a metronome for when you overdubbing other instruments. Overall not bad though just needs some work. Hope this helps
Thanks for the critique! I'm primarily an instrumentalist, I didn't actually start working on my singing and vocals until about a couple weeks, so this is definitely a learning experience for me. What do you mean by mixing the acoustics and the voice? As in making sure I'm singing in the same key as what I'm playing on guitar?
No, what i meant is the volume of the guitar and the volume of your voice, your voice was way higher, also since its just vocals and acoustic you can leave more bass frequencies I'm the acoustic. This is of course if your usedeq on the acoustic recording, it could also be the quality of the best you used to record. Did you use a mic?If so what kind?
I actually used an a cheap headphone mic since it was all I had, which it explains the volume difference since the mic was right by my mouth. I could probably fix the problem by recording the guitar and vocals separate, or just finally buy a new mic.
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Hey man sorry about the late reply! It sounded pretty good to me, but like some other people suggested, I would HIGHLY recommend getting a different mic! I can tell your playing and voice are just fine, but the mic makes a very "meh" sound. Invest in a new mic you will love the difference it makes