Hello all,
I'm building my first guitar and I've gotten to the finishing process. I've sanded the body down, put on the sand sealer and all. I'm now ready to stain it. I plan on staining the entire body, front, back, sides, the whole thing.

The problem is, I'm laying the body flat down on my work table to apply the stain by hand. If I apply the stain to the front of the guitar, I'd have to flip it over to apply it to the back. But if I flip it over, then the wet stain on the front would make contact with the table, and that's no good. And if I wait for the front to dry, then stain the sides, then the back seperately, the coats will seem uneven and look tacky where they overlap.

If I suspended the guitar from the ceiling, would the stain run down the body?

Any suggestions are welcome, thank you all in advance.
I hung my bodies (that sounds bad <<< haha) on a make shift painting booth. Are you using a rub on stain on actually spraying it? Either way as long as you don't use too heavy of a coat you won't have to worry about runs. Practice on some scrap as well.
Its more of a dye really, I sealed a spare piece of poplar, and then used the dye, and the result was quite pleasing. I decided to hang the guitar and rub on the dye that way. I'm using a little cloth rather than a brush, so it didnt run at all. First coat went on decently enough, a little uneven in some spots though. Its nothing a little extra sanding in some spots cant help, right?