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hey guys,

I am kinda stuck. I am modifying my Yamaha RGX 121 with entirely new electronics and wiring. I am getting everything from GFS. I am stuck between two different sets of pickups. I want to put filtertrons into the guitar, but im not sure if I want the Nashville's or the Liverpools.

I play a lot of folk,folk rock, alt. country, etc. ex: The Deep Dark Woods, Blue Rodeo, Gordon Lightfoot, City and Colour, Buffalo Springfield, Cuff the Duke, etc.

So, what would be the better choice, if there is one?

also, the page for the pickups:
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I have the liverpools I'd say they are most suited to hard rock, but are pretty mild when in parallel.
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You don't want the Liverpool ones because they will probably run off with your wheels.

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If you want the Filter'Tron tone then don't buy GFS' pickups. They are just regular, underwound humbuckers with H-gate covers and two rows of screw pieces instead of a row of slug pieces.

TV Jones and The Creamery are the only brands that make humbucker-size pickups with actual Filter'Tron construction. I believe Rio Grande used to (or may well still do), too. Fender/Gretsch have their versions but it seems they're actually just regular humbuckers, too.
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Thanks for the insight MrFlibble, are there any GFS pickups that would give me a vintage tone? Maybe the dream 90's? or the mean 90's?