Hi everyone from Brisbane Australia.
Father and Son (14) learning together 6 months in – now we're at the starting to Jam stage.
Have got some neat Hal Leonard play along CD / Tabs etc. (90's Rock and Metal Rock)
Fun to hear how the guitar links in with a bass line and drums.

Now my question
Fender and Line 6 have these Jam amplifiers
I think they are the
The Line 6 Jam
and the Fender DEC 3
With the ability to upload Jam tracks as well as emulate amps and effects etc
Are they any good?

Until I came across these I have been thinking of getting a couple of Peavy Vyper 30's (One for each of us etc) (We have a couple of cheap pedals but need to get used to effects first before building up a pedal collection)

We are still at the stage of playing in the lounge room. But my son is also aiming to try to play songs with his friends at school and is keen to form a band. (He has mastered Rocksmith – score now 32 million I think! And still loves playing stuff – we have downloaded almost all the DLC that Sony offer – so much that he gets a regular freeze after playing a song – as an example of his ability he has mastered Hanger 18 and Lynyrd Skynrd etc so he's going quite well – normal songs he masters in 2 or 3 play throughs) He is way better than me... but then again he does get the time to practice 2 – 3 hours a day weekdays 4 to 6 hours on weekends and loving it – been playing 6 month so far). He now needs to play with real people not just a computer game.

As for me I'm past any serious aspirations so the Jam things seem like a nice idea.

So do I think about getting the Jam type Amps – and if so which one. Or stay with the play along CD's. Is there any internet equivalent? The CD quality is excellent – 'real' sounding instruments.

Advice much appreciated. Thank you in advance.

PS we also have Guitar Pro on Mac for tab stuff but I'm not sure how good the quality is there for play along.
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Most modeling amps have a Aux input to plug in a MP3 or CD player, so they can essentially do the same thing as the jam amps. I would stick with your original plan of grabbing a peavey vypyr (or take a look at the Vox vt's/Roland cubes) because they sound much better than the Gdec or Spider jam.

You can find a ton of backing tracks on the net that cut out the lead guitar parts. I used to use the site linked below when I was learning, there are some decent backing tracks there.
zl1288 has the right idea. Jam amps aren't that great.


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I'm a student. I've got no time or space for an amp!