I was cruising thru my local GC and spotted a black 06 ltd sc500 they had for 319.00.
I picked it up saw it was a neckthru played really smooth low action with no buzz but at the 11th fret it was a little dead on the b and e string but nothing I cant take care of so I was thinking about buying it I figured some tuners and pickup swap it would be the same as the esp but because I couldn't find out what wood it was made of I put it back on the shelf because I really want but cant really afford a esp Stephen carpenter 6 string and would rather have the green model.
So I went home and of course I couldn't get it out of my head so I tried to research but really couldn't find the answer.
I was thinking the esp model had maple neck rosewood fretboard and mohagany wings esp branded neck/middle pick up and a seymore Duncan bridge. the ltd sc500 is the same except alder wings and Duncan designed pickups
So thinking that the 3 pu sc 6 strings are getting hard to find I went up there hoping no one else bought it picked it up layed down the cash. BUT I have to wait 10 days before I can take it home something to make shure it isn't stolen so the 8th I get to pick it up. I hope at least.
So I was wondering if anyone knows any info on the 6 string Stephen carpenter sigs. Im thinking I should match the pickups to the esp model but im unshure of the woods used.
I know that he personally uses a JB in the bridge, another JB in the middle and Hot Rails in the neck.
Oh h*** yea. Got that mug yesterday. Plays awesome, has a straight A** neck with super low action frets are smoove everythings perfect except the high 14th fret. I did research and the SC-500 has the same wood as the ESP except the ltd has a rosewood board instead of ebony wich im fine with my current go to has a ebony board and the board on the ltd has rather tight grain plus I think with it being maple and alder the rosewood would be a little warmer than ebony. The bridge pickup seems as though its been changed as the texture of the finish on it is different than the other 2 it does sound a bit brite and clearer than the other 2. the five way is a bit boggling as it seems it goes 1=bridge Hb 2= bridge HB middle HB in parallel 3 ??? bridge middle?? sounds THICK 4= middle HB neck SC parallel 5= neck SC. if anyone knows for shure let me know I do know 2 and 4 sounds parallel. I might go ahead and put a jb in the bridge. Korean guitars imo are a good buy