Someone gave me a nylon string guitar, its pretty cheap but I'm going to refinish it. It'll be something to do over summer vacation.
Whoever owned it before but steel strings on it, I think that's why the bridge is stuck. I took off everything else, everything off the headstock, the saddle, the strap button, but the bridge is stuck. It's a screw on type. There's a hex nut on the inside of the body which I can't get off for the life of me! I've tried every socket wrench in my entire house, pliers, even tried sawing it off (gonna refinish it anyway so who cares if I scratch it a little) but it won't budge. The hex nuts have bitten into the wood and are partially embedded in it. How do I get this off?

Also, I'm prepared to get a new (but relatively inexpensive, hopefully) bridge if I need to. Does anyone know where I can get a new one? I read that nylon guitars use a different bridge type than steel string, that they tie on instead of using pins but would a pin bridge work too?