(Sorry if the title wasn't clear, i'm not sure how to word it.)

Yeah, so I have been practicing lightly for a while now and have reached a block in my guitar learning. I know basic chords, some simple rhythm progressions, etc. But I have found myself stuck now because I only know 1 scale, of which I don't know the name and have no idea about how to go about learning because of the vast range of knowledge there is and how unclear it is as to what order you should learn it in. Any help would be great
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(Sorry if the title wasn't clear, i'm not sure how to word it.)

Ahhh, I thought you had a blocked guitar. Yeah take it one step at a time, I'm sure most ppl had the same thoughts when they where starting out learning new things
This get's said a lot but you really need to get a teacher. Don't settle for any old guy, try a few and go with someone you respect and who you really feel has a lot to offer. Online stuff is fantastic but you can't beat a lesson in person.
Start simple, learn the major scale inside and out and truly familiarize yourself with it, try to learn something new every day, or maybe every week, but make sure you understand what you have learned before moving on to something else. Maybe make a goal to learn all the chords, A, B, C, D, E, F, and G, and be able to cleanly play them by memory, then learn all the minor chords, then maybe 7 chords. It may help you to buy some books on guitar playing but having a teacher would help a lot too, just as stuart said dont just pick the first guy you see find some one who is down to earth about helping you on your journey as a musician, and has a solid curriculum. and practice practice practice. try learning your favorite songs, or maybe learn techniques from genres you don't normally play
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