The 'Anniversary' models are various regular models (Standards or otherwise) with a little logo applied to the headstock (back or front, seems quite random) which highlights that the guitar was made in the year of Fender's 40th/50th/60th/etc anniversary.

There is nothing suspicious about that guitar at all. Just be aware that is really is no different from a regular MIM Standard and since the 'anniversary' badge was put on almost every guitar Fender produed that year, it's not collectable or rare by any means.
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^^^ exactly.

II had a limited edition 1997 strat. Pretty much identical to SRV strat but with the whammy bar on the normal side. It was a 62 I think. Only 1997 of these straps ever made. Bought for £1500. Took it in to part exchange as I'm not really a strat guy. Got offered £400.
That's a pretty good price man. I'd snatch that up if you want it.
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