Hey, so I've been getting into some Death recently, and some of their faster riffs are throwing me for a loop because I'm not quite sure how to go about picking them.

This is what I'm talking about:


What I'm wondering about is whether or not you should hit all the notes on the 5th string with an up stroke or a down stroke. An upstroke feels weird, but I can get it closer to tempo. And a downstroke just doesn't give me the speed I want. Is there a "right" way to pick this?
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I guess you mean this riff (from Flesh And The Power It Holds)

-------------------------------------------a.h. 2nd time
  ..... ..... ..... ..... ..... ..... ..... .....

I woud play the 5th string with only downstrokes, strict alternate picking, like
D ududu D ududu D ududu etcetera.
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How is this supposed to help the guy? He's asking picking questions, not about handling the timing or speed.
Just start out slow and pick it however you feel is most efficient. Guitar playing isn't something to do by the book. I would stick with a constant up-down but that's just me.
Thanks for the help guys, and for the record, I have been using a metronome, so thanks for the help big guy.
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lol wut?
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^^^No. That's one of the biggest jokes of all time in metal. I actually believed him as a young metal guitarist and my playing never advanced. Even James doesn't practice that -- I read an interview one time where he said something like "Yeah, I was just joking about that to see the reaction on people's faces. Battery, yep, ALL downstrokes." My ass those were all downstrokes...

A handful of Metallica songs/parts cannot be played by downstrokes alone. (Opening riff to "Fight Fire With Fire," the thrashy part at the end of "One," "Battery," "Blackened", etc.)

Good luck with your "all downstrokes" though...
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"All Downstrokes" ... please use your common sense.
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"All Downstrokes" ... please use your common sense.

I say downpick everything until common sense tells you otherwise. Thats atleast how James does it.

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thats how Id do it and to me thats the fastest way it can be done cleanly. takes practice to get it clean and to un-palm mute the A6 note(Im presuming that not isnt palm muted).
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