Hello forum.

As usually whenever I need to ask for an advice, I'm addressing here..

So here it goes,

I've been offered a Squier Standard Telecaster for about $210. The guy that want to sell it, needs a delay pedal, and he agreed to take my BOSS PS-2 + $100 in cash. Is it worth it? He says the guitar stays in tune, and the neck feels ok (I'll try it in 2 weeks)

Notice, Squier Standard Tele in my country is about $360 new.

Here are some pictures and a blurry S/N.

Body Back

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Check prices of the used pedal against the used Tele - look at completed listings on eBay for reference. Seems a simple enough thing to do.

I got the guitar! The moment I touched it, it felt great, it sounded great, no buzz on frets, and it had almost perfect pitch all the way on the neck! The strings are more than a year old, so it might be even better.

I'm taking her for a fret polish and I'll be putting some 11's Earnie Ball strings on her.

I gave the guy the ps-2 (for $125) which I bought for $95 + $100 cash.
That's $195 in cash for the Tele.

The guitar new in stores in my country costs $360.

That's nearly half the price for a two year sitting in ORIGINAL BOX guitar.

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Go ahead and spend your money, I don't care. It won't make you sound better.

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Sure upgrading your gear will make you sound better.

glad to hear you're digging the new guitar.

It looks hawt. Squier ftw!!
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Congrats on your new guitar, I guess you answered your own question on this one and considering it was basically unused I think you got a great deal too.
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Thanks everyone..

Tonight was her first gig, had to crank my V22 (bugera), clean 7, master 8-1/2 to cut through the mix... I play my ibanez grg270 (stock) on clean 5, master 4-1/2 so, I have to say the tele is a lot quieter. But plays nice and it has the fender tele sound. She likes my pedals, Dunlop Wah, marshall GV-2, SD-1, Riot Dist/OD, BOSS BF-2, BOSS DD-3 ..

And that would be it. A little "review" thread for a Squier Standard Telecaster