This is my band the Winter Brave. We're a rock band. We're from Pittsburgh, PA but plan on relocating to a city with a better rock scene in the next few months.

Our most popular song right now is this:
Metaphors - The Winter Brave

We have a 5 song demo ep available for free download at our Bandcamp

Here's our
facebook page for any further information.

Thanks for listening!
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Well I'm relatively new to the forums, and I'm pretty sure this is my first post! Anyway, your links all say [forbidden link] for me. Not sure if that's just my computer or an error with the links. I was able to find your band by searching for it on Bandcamp, and I was really impressed. Maybe it was just because I liked the style, but the singing was great, and the guitar riffs had me tapping my foot the whole time. After listening to all five of the tracks posted on your Bandcamp page, I was really impressed with all of them. You guys have a very professional sound as well, as if you've been writing music for a while. Anyway, I really like the songs, and keep up the great work!
Oh man, I listened to you guys a month or so back. Awesome songs. Especially Metaphors and Ride. You guys definitely influence me and make me think about my playing and lyrics and all around groove. The bands riffs have some classic tone with a modern aura to them. I can't it explain it well, not a reviewer. lol

I don't think you guys know just how famous you actually are.
For those reading this thread, these guys, The Winter Brave had DAVE GROHL blasting their song in Studio 606. Seriously, you guys are awesome. I'm a fan. I hope you guys do very well through your journey.

Best wishes. And if you guys could, I would definitely love to see the tabs to any of your songs. Specifically Ride and Metaphors if you can.
Thanks so much for the positive feedback! After this week we'll all be done with college (for good hopefully) and we'll start working on a bunch of exciting things like tabbing out some songs and getting merch and a bunch of stuff.
Hi everyone!

My band, the Winter Brave just released their second EP Lonely Days. You can stream it on Soundcloud It's also on Bandcamp and Itunes and all that jazz. Let me know what you think! thanks!