After 2 years of hard work on our e.p, "Skylines", we have decided to release a 2nd single for it, before we finally release it! This is the track that changed the bands perspective on music as well as giving us a sort of "skeleton" scheme to our music. This is Progressive, heavy, and melodic, the 3 defining characteristics our band has. We are ready to show you who we truly are. This track features one of the best musicians,ex band-mates,and hell of guitarist I've ever had a pleasure working with, Brandon Morrell. This music would have not been accomplished without him, and for that I will always thank you for.

* Studios/Producers/etc *

Backroom Studios

-The Music (guitars,bass,drums) on this track were recorded here.
Arrangement/Production in music done by Kevin Antreassian

Voice Soaring Studios

- Vocal Production/Video Production/Vocal Coaching
by Jeff Alani Stanfill, who help me not only find my voice, but has help me stay motivated and kept me working hard!

Clearcut Recording

- The Vocals/Mix/Mastering were recorded here with Max Casanova

* Session Musicians/ Previous band members on track*

Brandon Morrell - Guitars

Kreixon Herrera - Bass

Kevin Carafa - Drums