Hey fellas,

I have a lot of fun tabbing out songs, and it's good to keep my ear stay healthy andon point. Plus, it helps me grow as a musician. So II'm taking requests for any song/solo you want to learn but just can't find tabs for.

Just give me a link or something. It's on a first come first serve basis. Also, I probably wont do any death metal, for the reason that the sound is usually too muddy and dense for me to do well.

Lookin forward to it!

readyyyyy, GO!
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Battle Circus - Coup de Silence

There are no tabs for this band on the internet so I'm trying to do them all myself. Would be nice to have some help. That album is a free download too which might make things easier for you.

I've uploaded a little bit that I've done already.
Coup de Silence.gp5
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[forbidden link]
Current 93 - When The May Rain Comes
it's a simple song, so it probably won't take you long if you have a good ear, but I would appreciate it enormously.
p.s. i do not know if you see the link I gave you for youtube, since I am a new member here, and every link posted I see it as "[forbidden link]", but in any case you should know it's really easy to find this song on youtube.
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already posted a thread for it, but Tom Waits invitation to the blues. Seems long but it's just the same bit over and over.

Paste it in youtube, this place doesn't allow links I guess.
I need to find the chords/tabs for the song Day at a Time by Drew Holcomb and the Neighbors...I need it for my wedding. I am going to play it for my wife at our reception as a surprise! Hope to hear back as soon as possible! Thanks in advance. Here's the link, just need the acoustic parts, hopefully you'll be able to pick them up.
Same as above, looks like you'll have to just search youtube. It'll come right up.
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I've been trying to find a tab for You Just Dont Exist by Plumtree for a while now, I've already posted a thread but haven't had a reply yet. I'm in no rush for the tab but I would be pretty cool if you could do it.

Here's a youtube link(not sure if it will work): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_ypu8mIIDv4