I play mostly Grunge music with my Squier Stratocaster Standard series and due to my strings being rusty, I want to replace it with a Light Top Heavy Bottom (.010-.52) strings. Some people say that .010-.052 strings are good for Grunge music, so that's what I'll buy. I think of Elixir Nanoweb Light Top/Heavy Bottom Electric Guitar Strings, Ernie Ball Skinny Top Heavy Bottom Custom Gauge Nickel Wound Guitar Strings, Dean Markley 2504 LTHB NickelSteel Electric Guitar Strings Signature Series, or Fender 3250RH Super Bullets Regular Heavy. These strings are all 10-52, which one of these would be great? Thanks.
Get the skinny top heavy bottom slinkys, or the cobalt version of the same ones. Pretty much the best strings you can get. The elixirs are also great, though.
i have five packs of the ernie balls sitting on my desk
but in the end, its up to you man, gradually try them all. also, try other gauges. just because someone said they would be good for grunge music doesn't necessarily mean that you will feel the same way
Buy a few and form your own opinions. Strings threads get closed because everybody has a different favorite and it's all just down to personal preference.