im thinking of getting a korg monotron to velcro to my guitar for some matt bellamy style sounds (between songs) would it cause damage to my amp (Bugera BC15) if i were to


also if it can work would i be able to bypass the montron while playing?
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Having had a quick skim, it shouldn't cause any damage. Although it only has a headphone output, it has volume control so you should be able to balance the level with what you get out of the guitar without it.

The only way to bypass it though would be with an A/B box and if your amp only has one input then you'll need to be able to merge the signal chain again afterwards. Maybe a ¼" jack splitter in reverse?

Hopefully you'll get some other suggestions to add to the mix.
You can get pretty fat bass tones out of it, I think it could easily **** up guitar speakers. My buddy runs his through a bass amp.

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