Hey guys,

Been lucky enough to never had a power tube go on me or go microphonic for nearly 7-years. One has gone microphonic on me.

I understand you are usually best replacing power tubes in pairs so they match or something

But I've got a 212 Valveking with 4-tubes. Do they all need replacing?

I've got stock power tubes in, Ruby 6L6's. Can I just replace the one microphonic or do I need to do all four?

It's the tube closest to V3 preamp tube.
You should do all of them. They're well and truly due anyway. Btw, Ruby could be anything, they are a rebranding outfit.
If you can afford SED =C= get those but the best value for money without a doubt are JJ's.
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As far as I know, preamp tubes can be changed one by one, but it would be best to change power amp tubes all at once. But after 7 years, it would really be the best to change them all.
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+1 Cath

you don't need to replace the preamp tubes until needed.

power tubes replace all 4 as a matched quad - keep the others as spares. Get at least one 12AX7 while you are it.


I owned a VK

unless you are changing the preamp tubes in search of a different tone or output (12AT7etc), the ones in there are certainly still good. i have seen tubes (a local guy i know) who has had a Telefunken last the last 40 years or something crazy like that as a preamp tube, beautiful sounding amp.

this is a good link: http://ultimate-guitar-valveking.wikispaces.com/

i owned a VK as well.

also if i remember correctly that the power tubes are fixed bias (albeit cold) so you wouldn't need to buy them, but you do need a full new set (quad).
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