Since, as far as I'm aware, there aren't any good vst's of the Boss Hm-2, I'm making do with the Amplitube one. However, since a poor tone bothers me, I need some help. Can anyone tell me of some good vst's and EQing advice to make it all sound better? The tone I have in mind is basically the one from Dismembers "Death Metal" album. Any advice at all would be great.
Dont ditch amplitube just yet. The stereotypical Swedish Death Metal tone is usually done with maxing all knobs but thats not the whole truth (merely a starting point) and the HM2 model of Amplitube especially overkills it.

First use some marshall amp (Vintage metal lead works) and tune it in way you get nice crunchy/black sabbathy classic metal sound, not high gain but not just a mild crunch either. Then enable HM2 model in front, turn Dist all the way off, level half way and high and low knobs just short of max. 9.8 or something I dont remember. Try to find the spot where the high knob just and just turns the sound into the Swedeath sound and not a step more or it turns into unfocused trebly mush.

There is no substitute for real thing run through real amp, but atleast I found it to be usable until I bought the Behringer clone.

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Thanks man! I'll have to wait until I get home to try this, but if it works, you'll be my hero! I do plan on saving up and getting an hm-2 off ebay, but until then I'll have to make do :P