So, I have switched to using my fingers a while ago. But, I still resort back to a pick every once in a while. I know how to play with my fingers, technique wise. But, how do I play EQ wise or other settings wise. I want my fingers to be just as loud as my picking. I have found using a Dyna Comp brings out my playing a bit more. What are some other tips for my fingers (Amp, settings, pedal and EQ wise) that will help me play better?
Compressors are helpful. I find that bumping up the midrange and treble more than you usually would and backing off on the bass and gain helps clearing things up.

You could also switch to heavier strings than you use or raise your action a bit. I find the extra tension helpful for finger style.
I both have a raised action and heavier strings as it is. I love the feel like that. Anyway, I will try the tips with the amp settings. Do you think this will work while using distortion as well?
you might not need the compression when using distortion
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