Long story short; did first light coat of paint after yesterday's priming. I improperly hanged it to dry, heart a loud crash and I came back to it with one minor hit.

How would I go about fixing this?
Anything more than one layer deep—which that looks like it is— needs to be sanded back and resprayed. If you're using nitro then you can fudge it a little, but with poly you'll need to go right back down to the primer (if not further).
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If you are doing further coats then spot fill with super glue if its poly or clear nail polish if its nitro. Make sure to let the fill cure as the fill will sink into the dent as it hardens. Spot fill again until its just over the level of the surround. Let cure again. Repeat until the fill stays just a tiny fraction above the level of the surround after its cured.

Then sand flush to the level of the surround with 800 grit then continue spraying with further coats.

Allowing the time for the fill to cure is important in that if you respray prematurely before the fill is cured the new coats of paint will develop a sink at the fill.
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