Hey guys,

I am rebuilding a Yamaha guitar and am replacing the pickups. It originally had two humbuckers and a single coil in the middle position.

I am not putting a single coil back in. However, they guitar is left handed and I cannot find a pickguard that will fit it (the few lefties I have found were fender style, and, although the yamaha is a strat shape, wont fit over the controls.)

I am going to pick up a sheet of PVC plastic from STEWMAC. However, I am not sure what I could cut it with...any suggestions?
My suggestion is to see if you can find a pdf of it online, and then see if you can find a plastic place locally that will cut one out using the pdf. That is one of many ways to do it, but sometimes the easiest and not really much more expensive.

I know there is a website that will cut a custom pickguard for you, either using a pdf, an existing pickguard, or based on what they have on file, but they charged me $50 for a chrome Ibanez HH pickguard.