My band "Insurgence" just put out a free 8 track cover record. The track listing is as follows and you can download it at the link above! Hope you guys enjoy it!
1. Suite-Pee- S.O.A.D
2. Cyco Vision- Suicidal Tendencies
3. Creeping Death- Metallica
4. Cemetery Gates- Pantera
5. **** The Police- N.W.A
6. Death Blooms- Mudvayne
7. Perserverance- Hatebreed
8. Mongolian Party- Sarah Silverman

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I really enjoyed the "Creeping Death" I really like how changed it making it sound different! The vocals sound really cool! The drums could be a little more clear in the mix. The guitars sound crazy cool! Bass is there but i wish it was more loud.

I my self did a cover of Creeping Death, mind checking it out? Its meant to sound like from "Justice For All" https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1593115
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